Dragon Ball Z fanboys.

Being a  Fanboy can be fun. When I was a small kid I used to watch  anime a lot. I used to watch really random Japanese anime all the time. And back at that time we had no subtitles. As a matter of fact we had no internet at all. So there was no way to finding out what we’re the same. Then came out dubbing. People started dubbing episodes of different Japanese anime. So one  anime caught my attention. Which was Dragon Ball Z. Since then I have had to become a Dragon Ball Z end. I collected almost all action figures of Dragon Ball Z. I also have a Dragon Ball Z backpack with me. Which I used to carry with me to the school every single day. People used to call me a geek a nerd and what not. But my love for Dragon Ball Z never died. Few years forward I am still in love with anybody. So recently they have come up with new seasons which is called the Dragon Ball super.


Why do I love Dragon Ball Z so much. And like any anime Dragon Ball Z has added a lot of value to my life. I don’t know where I stand with him. I have always admired Goku 12 my life. I did not have a father to look up to. Passed away when I was only two years old. So for me it was a role model. Now I know that I cannot have the physical strength that is so cool. But what I can have is the attributes of Goku. I always admire Goku. the way he always helps people is actually phenomenal. I know this is only a fictional character. But the way it  has Define my life is actually really mesmerizing. When people ask me who I admire the most I have only one answer. Even today if I had that question and my answer will be the same that Goku is my role model.


So yes this was it. this was the block about how I am a very big Dragon Ball Z fanboy. No not necessarily Will you love Dragon Ball Z. you may love another enemy. Or maybe You just hate Dragon Ball Z. So that was it for today. I hope you enjoyed this b I hope you enjoyed this book. I’m in reading this blog. I mean  reading this blog. Lastly  I would suggest you one thing. I want you to take a look into the life of Goku. Trust me you will be surprised how this fictional character will actually change your life. I know even though he’s not a real character but the way he has been presented to the viewers is really amazing. You might even get goosebumps. so thank you for reading my blog once again. Stay happy and stay blessed and as always keep on watching Dragon Ball Z.