SOS Children Villages A Adoring Home FOR EACH young child

It was an opportunity face at an air-port with a vintage good friend. My old good friend Sandilya explained that since retiring he previously been volunteering as the non-executive chairman of the SOS children’s villages in India. I got intrigued by his information of any community designed exclusively to help poor orphans. “Come and visit,” he urged.

That’s how my partner sos medecin casablanca and I finished up at the community in Tambaram, in the outskirts of Chennai. The person responsible for that particular community, Mr. Varadarajan, proved us around and discussed these villages offering a home to destitute children who’ve lost both parents.

The initial feature of SOS is the home mom – the Chennai centre has 15 properties, each using its own ‘mom’ who introduces the children. To supply a grouped family environment, each mother requires responsibility for mentioning around 10 children, of differing age ranges, like in virtually any other large family. She oversees a regular monthly budget and manages all the kids, counting on the elderly kids chip in on the tasks.

While the town administration, school, medical facilities and auditorium are looked after by the SOS community supervision group, each house is run by the home moms individually, who have a tendency to be sole women with the singular group of personality and skills had a need to oversee a big, busy household.

They are determined meticulously and undertake training for two years before these are deemed fit to consider charge of the home. The connection among children across residences is similar to those of neighbours. The Chennai centre has its primary university, and the teenagers go to local high academic institutions in Tambaram.

We went to one of the properties. Just a few small children were house with the mother; the other children were at college. The mother happily revealed us pictures of a few of her ‘children’ who had been now developed and wedded. They stayed touching her. Actually, that very day one of the cultivated children was engaged and getting married and the complete village was slated to attend the marriage ceremony.

Lots of the children who was raised in the villages successful in life: doctors, designers and other pros who are overseas employed in India and. Several retired moms you live with the followed children now. Many well-to-do siblings take care of the less fortunate kids they was raised with.

SOS can be an international corporation founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Austria. Hermann’s own mom passed on when he was young and he was raised by his elder sister. As the soldier through the Second World Conflict, he was met with the travails of orphans and homeless children and was persuaded that the best answer was to allow them to develop up in a family group. This conviction resulted in his establishing the first SOS Children’s town in Imst, Austria.

The SOS group is continuing to grow to more than 132 countries, helping around 60,000 children. Today has around 40 villages supporting 6 sos came to India in 1964 and,000 children immediately. Furthermore, an outreach program includes another 15,000 children.

Having stopped at several homes for orphans and destitute children, I had been impressed with the ease and scalability of the SOS Children’s village’s model. I have already been urging various other NGO’s to study from the SOS model. Please do share good examples that you attended across in providing a support platform and knee up to destitute children.